Myrtle Beach Golf: How to Choose the Right Tees for Your Game

Myrtle Beach, known colloquantly as the Grand Strand, fosters a massive selection of over 80 picturesque, world-class golf courses. Walking the manicured greens of Myrtle Beach golf courses is like treading on hallowed grounds. You can experience a wide selection of challenges and scenic beauties that complement various golf skill levels. However, before your game begins, you need to consider an essential factor, the choice of tees.

Understanding the Basics of Golf Tees

Golf tees come in different colors, which represent different yardages. The tee color determines how far the golfer has to hit the ball to reach the greens and complete the course in regulation (typically in one stroke on a par-3 hole, two strokes on a par-4, or three strokes on a par-5)

Most courses traditionally have three types of tees: red for ladies, white for men, and blue for professional players. However, modern courses now often include gold or black tees for higher skill levels and green or blended tees for beginners or youth players.

Choosing the Right Golf Tee

The primary factor in choosing the right tee is your average driving distance. If you consistently drive the ball more than 250 yards, you will likely be comfortable playing from the blue, gold, or black tees. If your driving distance averages between 200-250 yards, the white tees may be suitable for your game. And if your yardage is less than 200 on an average, consider teeing off from the red or green tees.

Keep in mind; the goal is to maximize your enjoyment and challenge yourself within your skill level. If you consistently over-shoot or under-shoot the greens, it could lead to a frustrating game.

Gender and Golf Tees

While traditional golf norms often have men playing from white tees and ladies from the red, the tee color is not about gender; it’s about the distance. Women with high driving distances can comfortably play from further tees, while men with shorter driving distances might be better off on closer tees. What matters is the skill level of the player, not their gender.

Junior Golfers and Golf Tees

For junior golfers or beginners, it is often a good idea to start from the forward (red or green) tees and gradually progress to the back tees as their skill and accuracy develop. An excellent rule of thumb for kids is making sure they can reach the green in the regulated number of strokes about 50% of the time.

Myrtle Beach and Your Golf Tee Selection

Many Myrtle Beach golf courses offer multiple tee box options to accommodate golfers of various skill levels. The renowned Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, for example, offers five sets of tees, ranging from 4,840 yards to over 6,500 yards. Another prestigious course, Tidewater Golf Club, has six sets of tees, varying from 4,800 yards to over 7,000 yards, and caters to novice golfers and PGA pros alike.

In summary, the key to an enjoyable golfing session in Myrtle Beach lies in choosing the right tee for your game. You don’t want your rounds to feel too easy or excessively challenging. Finding your sweet spot in terms of distance will enhance your enjoyment and allow you to improve your game.

When you tee up on the vibrant greens of Myrtle Beach, remember to choose the right tee that matches your skill level and playing style. Balance your desire to challenge yourself with the need to ensure an enjoyable golfing experience. After all, a well-played round of golf amid the coastal beauty of the Grand Strand is more than just a game; it’s a ravishing, unforgettable theater of nature, challenge, and skill.

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  1. Ha! ‘A ravishing, unforgettable theater’ you say? I guess someone’s as helpless a victim to the charms of Myrtle Beach as I am! Is it the scenic beauty, the incredible golf, or both that make me feel like I’m in some bona fide grande production every time? Jokes aside, I appreciate this primer on tee selection. It’s easy to overlook it as a beginner but the difference it makes in your game is night and day. Here’s to finding our ‘sweet spots’!

  2. Thanks for the well-detailed post about the selection of tees. I found it quite informative. I’ve been a member at Caledonia Golf Club and honestly, the blend of yardage options they offer indeed caters to all skill levels. Question though, how does wind direction and speed feature into tee selection? Cheers!

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