Arcadian Shores Golf Club

Arcadian Shores Golf Club: A Classic Golfing Experience in Myrtle Beach

Situated in the heart of Myrtle Beach, close to the Atlantic seashore, lies the tranquil oasis of Arcadian Shores Golf Club. Masterfully designed by revered golf course architect, Rees Jones, this classic course offers an engaging blend of natural aesthetics and challenging golf that stands the test of time.

Course Overview

Captivating golfers of all skill levels since 1974, the Arcadian Shores Golf Club presents a pristine par-72 layout sprawled across an undulated terrain of 6,857 yards. Maintaining a delicate balance between playability and difficulty, this layout ensures an exhilarating game for both seasoned players and novices alike.

As you navigate through the well-manicured fairways, bounded by dense clusters of towering pine trees and serene natural lakes, you’ll appreciate Rees Jones’s ingenious use of the landscape to create stimulating gameplay. The incorporation of the subtle, yet discernible, doglegs and strategically placed bunkers further accentuate the uniqueness of each hole, ensuring a fresh perspective at every step.

Standout Holes

The course is home to two distinctly memorable holes, #2 and #13, hailed by the “The Sun News” to be part of the ‘Grand Strand’s Dream 18.’

On the second hole, golfers are greeted with a 531-yard, par 5 challenge incorporating an expansive water body to the left and a well-placed bunker on the right of the green. This requires accurate long drives combined with strategic play to capitalize on the opportunities available.

The thirteenth hole, a par-3 playing 201 yards, is noteworthy for its deceptive water hazard that guards the front of the green, testing the mettle of golfers with its daunting appeal. Here, accurate club selection becomes a prerequisite, and keeping the ball dry becomes paramount.

After the Game

Once you’ve enjoyed your game, the newly renovated clubhouse at Arcadian Shores Golf Club awaits you with its warmth and hospitality. Offering a panoramic view of the course, it serves as an ideal location for you to unwind and relive the magical moments of the game over a satisfying meal or a cold beverage. Apart from its impressive selection of food and drinks, the clubhouse also houses a well-stocked pro shop. Here, you can replenish your gear or shop for souvenirs, making it a comprehensive golfing destination.

Practice Makes Perfect

Arcadian Shores also features extensive practice facilities, including a sprawling driving range and a large putting green, where golfers can refine their skills. From perfecting swings to sharpening short game techniques, these facilities serve as the perfect preamble to the riveting golf experience that lays ahead on the course.

A Commitment to Environment

While you revel in the beauty and challenge of the course, it’s worth mentioning Arcadian Shores Golf Club’s commitment to the environment. The course has been a proud recipient of the Certification in Environmental Planning from the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System. This recognition is a testament to the club’s dedication to maintaining the natural habitat, thereby ensuring not just a pleasing golf experience, but also a sense of harmony with the environment.


Arcadian Shores Golf Club is not just a golf course; it is an immersive experience that seamlessly blends challenging gameplay, captivating natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a challenge, a budding golfer seeking to improve your skills, or a vacationer seeking a relaxing and enjoyable round, Arcadian Shores has something for everyone. So, the next time you find yourself in Myrtle Beach, make sure to set foot on the green carpet of this golfing gem.

12 thoughts on “Arcadian Shores Golf Club”

  1. Just want to give a shout-out to the lovely clubhouse at Arcadian Shores – best cold brew after a long day on the green. Nothing better than a comfy spot to recount those heart-pounding moments. And let’s not forget the sandwiches – the turkey club is divine! Looking forward to my next round there.

  2. Great in depth review on Arcadian Shores! I had the chance to play there last summer and I can attest, it is indeed a classic. The subtle doglegs and strategic bunkers were definitely a challenge for myself, but I plan to tackle it again next year. Also loved their clubhouse, perfect location to cool off and chat about the game. My question is: any recommendations on how to approach the daunted 13th hole, specifically? Keep up the solid golf content!

  3. Golfing_Guru_101

    As an avid golfer, I have played on many courses around the world. However, it seems I have another gem to add to my list. On a side note, can anyone recommend a good place to stay near Arcadian Shores?

  4. spring_in_your_step

    Just moved to Myrtle Beach and this was my first game at Arcadian Shores and absolutely loved it. The environment friendly approach is a definite plus for me!

  5. Whenever someone asks me to recommend a golf course, Arcadian Shores always tops my list. Honestly, there’s nothing better than finishing a satisfying round and then chilling at that cozy clubhouse. Truly a golfer’s paradise.

  6. Really loved reading this comprehensive review of Arcadian Shores. I had the chance to play the course last month. Hole #13 lived up to its reputation, caught me off guard with that deceptive water hazard. Great challenges and scenery, can’t wait to go back!

  7. Love Arcadian Shores. Those two standout holes, #2 & #13 are absolute nail-biting challenges. The doglegs and bunkers really push you to up your game on this course.

    1. Totally, nothing like those two to get your adrenaline pumping. The water hazard at #13 always gets my heart racing.

  8. Great review! I always enjoy warming up at the driving range before tackling the course. A well-maintained range helps set the tone for a good game. Can’t wait to visit.

  9. So, this blog post convinced me to book a tee time at ASGC next time I’m at Myrtle Beach. I’m curious to see how I stand up to Hole #2. But just one question: any good places to grab a bite nearby after a round? Or is the clubhouse grub up to par? (pun intended)

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