Man O’ War

Man O’ War Golf Course: A Myrtle Beach Staple

In the heart of the Myrtle Beach golf scene nestles a unique gem of a golf course that has won the hearts and utility clubs of players at all levels. Welcome to Man O’ War Golf Course, a layout that encapsulates the difficult, beautiful, and engaging aspects of golf that enthusiasts have come to love.

A Verdant Paradise

When you step foot onto Man O’ War, the first thing to strike you is the distinct layout of the course. Designed by esteemed golf course architect Dan Maples, Man O’ War is drenched in both beauty and challenges. Graced by the 100-acre Lake Wright, this course masterfully uses its natural settings to enhance the layout, blending flora, fauna and spectacular water features in a rich symphony of colors that change with every season.

The entire course is located on an island, with the vibrant green fairways beautifully contrast against Myrtle Beach’s pristine blue skies and the lake’s calm waters. From manicured rolling greens to the natural marshland, the delightful landscape creates a serene ambiance, perfect for both relaxation and focus.

Course Layout

Man O’ War features 18 remarkable holes that were crafted to test a golfer’s skill and strategy. With an impressive par-72 layout that extends just over 6,900 yards from the longest tees, it presents a fair challenge to golfers of all skill levels. Each hole has been meticulously designed to create varied and unique challenges that keep players on their toes.

Perhaps one of its most famous features is the back-to-back island greens at holes 14 and 15. Unlike many golf courses, water plays a crucial role in Man O’ War, with the element coming into play at virtually every hole. In fact, both the 9th and 18th holes reward golfers with an incredible risk-and-reward approach over water to the green.

Facilities and Clubhouse

The Man O’ War Golf Course is not just about the holes. Boasting an impressive array of first-rate facilities, players can take advantage of a massive driving range, a pitching and chipping green, as well as a large practice putting green. If there is ever a place geared towards improving your golf, Man O’ War is certainly it.

The clubhouse is a welcoming retreat for players after a round of golf. This inviting space lets golfers unwind, refuel, or simply look back on a day well played, making it an essential part of the Man O’ War experience.

Availability and Accessibility

Man O’ War Golf Course is as accommodating as it is beautiful, being open to the public all year round. The course is ideally located within a few miles drive of central Myrtle Beach.

Twilight rates are available, allowing golfers to enjoy a round of golf at a more relaxed pace during the late afternoon, while early bird specials can be found for the more ambitious morning golfers.


Man O’ War Golf Course is a fantastic example of the fusion of nature and design, and provides a golfing experience that encapsulates the heart and soul of golf in Myrtle Beach. From its daunting water hazards to its sublime views and impressive facilities, Man O’ War truly showcases the magic that golf can offer. Though challenging, this course also provides a wonderful opportunity for golfers to hone their swing, evaluate their strategizing skills and accept the challenges that come along the way. After all, isn’t that what golf is all about? As for those who master it, they have not just overcome a golf course, they have bested the Man O War. As recommended by any local Myrtle Beach native, Man O’ War is indeed a course you don’t want to skip in your golfing itinerary.

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  1. Though I’m always wary of courses that heavily feature water, the Man O’ War golf course sounds like quite the challenge. I’m interested in those back-to-back island greens at holes 14 and 15. Are they as intimidating as they sound?

  2. Boy, the Man O’ War golf course really taught me a harsh lesson about courses with water hazards on nearly every hole. Still, experiencing the changing seasonal scenery around Lake Wright does take some of the sting out of losing all those balls. It’s the perfect excuse to repeatedly return and strive to beat my personal best.

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