The Pearl Golf Links

# Discover The Jewel of Myrtle Beach: The Pearl Golf Links

In the heart of Carolina, where the lush landscape meets the calming caress of the Calabash River, there dwells a gem of the Lowcountry: The Pearl Golf Links. The glorious spread of this verdant retreat, set against the backdrop of the river, has been mesmerizing golfers for over three decades.

A Layout Crafted by Mother Nature and Dan Maples

Renowned golf architect Dan Maples crafted the Pearl’s two remarkable championship golf layouts, the East and West courses. Ensconced within the pristine natural setting of the Calabash River, these two 18-hole masterpieces take golfers on a remarkable journey amid towering pines and marshy wetlands.

The East Course

Next to the Calabash River, the East Course showcases its grandeur—a perfect blend of fast, contoured mini-verde Bermuda greens and meticulously manicured fairways. It offers captivating river views, making it a favorite among nature-loving golfers. The East Course is a classic links-style layout, renowned for its strategic hole diversity and picturesque landscape.

The West Course

Meanwhile, the West Course, opened in 1988, has a more traditional design teeming with natural vegetation and wildlife. Rumor of its breathtaking beauty has stretched far beyond Myrtle Beach. It has a unique character with fairways of Crenshaw bent grass striding across natural contours, vast natural areas, and undulating putting surfaces. The West Course is a challenge to any golfer’s skills and a delight to their senses.

Awe–Inspiring Final Holes

The climax of both the East and West Courses is nothing short of unforgettable—snaking around the Calabash, the final holes provide a daunting challenge for even seasoned golfers, urging courage, precision, and strategy. But the breathtaking views and the thrill of the final swing make it all worth it, creating memories to cherish long after the round.

State-of-the-art Clubhouse and Pro Shop

Overlooking the pearl-white sandy dunes, the Clubhouse at the Pearl Lakes is every golfer’s dream-come-true. It hosts a state-of-the-art Pro shop to stock up on the latest golf gear or personalized club fittings.

Excellence in Service and Hospitality

Providing more than just great golf, the Pearl is recognized for its exceptional services. The staff is passionate and well-versed in Southern hospitality, ensuring your round at the Pearl is comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable.

# Practice Facilities and Golf Education

For those who wish to refine their game, the Pearl Golf Links has expansive practice facilities, including a driving range, chipping area, and putting green. Golf instruction is also available for beginners and those wishing to improve their game.

# An Environmentally-conscious Gem

The Pearl Golf Links has earned accolades for its commitment to the environment and is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. Golfers will often see a variety of birds and other indigenous wildlife species around the course, adding to the natural beauty and charm of the Pearl.

# A Premier Myrtle Beach Golf Destination

In conclusion, The Pearl Golf Links is not just a golf course—it’s a testament to the game’s timeless appeal. It merges impeccable golf design with nature’s majesty, offering a golf experience like no other in Myrtle Beach. Whether you are a scratch golfer or a casual enthusiast, the Pearl warmly welcomes everyone eager for an unforgettable golfing journey. Come and experience its charm today—you will soon understand why it is regarded as the jewel of Myrtle Beach.

Widely acclaimed by the local golfers and international visitors alike, the Pearl Golf Links is not just a destination—it’s an experience—a delightful blend of nature’s bounty and man-made artistry, making it truly a jewel in the crown of Myrtle Beach golf.

5 thoughts on “The Pearl Golf Links”

  1. Just came back from there. I must say the final holes were a mix of terror and pleasure! What a thrill! Can’t wait to go back.

  2. Heard they have some pro-level gear at their shop. Wonder if they stock the Vega VM-01 Irons… those have been on my wishlist for a while.

  3. I love the care they take of the environment at this course. A Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary? That’s really fantastic!

  4. Been golfing The Pearl Golf Links for years now. Absolutely stunning scenery and the course always challenges me. Must-visit for any golf enthusiast.

  5. Question for those who have played both courses at The Pearl – do you prefer the East or West? I’m planning my trip and can only squeeze in one round!

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