The Thistle Golf Course

Introducing the Thistle Golf Course

In the heart of North Carolina’s captivating coastal country and just a short drive from Myrtle Beach, lies an extraordinary golf experience. It’s an enchanting day trip that quite justifiably should be on your to-visit list – The Thistle Golf Course. This hidden treasure is a testament to the rich history of golf, impeccable standards, and the unfettered beauty that lies within the Carolinas.

The Design and Nature’s Gift

The Thistle Golf Course is a beautiful piece of artistry skillfully designed by renowned golf architect Tim Cate. Cate ingeniously incorporated the natural topography and native flora into his design, making the course not only a place for golf but for pure admiration of nature’s beauty. The expansive 27-hole golf course offering a trio of nine-hole courses – Stewart, Mackay, and Cameron – presents a breathtaking blend of nature and architecture.

The course has varied levels of difficulty to cater to players of all skills, making an exciting challenge for beginners and seasoned golfers alike. The layout lends itself to classic Scottish design – wide-open fairways, well-placed bunkers around the greens, and dramatic elevation changes that provide scenic views and challenging shots for players. Furthermore, the fairways are maintained impeccably, and the greens have been planted with fresh bentgrass for optimal performance.

Clubhouse and Amenities

The Thistle Golf Clubhouse mirrors the course’s grandeur, crafted in the Old World architectural design. Reminiscent of traditional Highland lodges, the clubhouse offers a warm, inviting atmosphere adorned with 200-year-old antique artifacts imported directly from Scotland.

In here, golfers may unwind in the luxury lounging area, purchase prime golf gear from the pro-shop, or grab a quick bite and a cold drink from the bar and grill. The grand dining room accommodates events and gatherings, providing a superb view of the picturesque golf course.

Also, a practice facility, including a driving range, practice green, and chipping area, allows golfers to fine-tune their skills before taking on the challenges the course offers.

Remarkable Golfing Experience

The Thistle Golf Course guarantees to provide a remarkable golfing experience through its stunning beauty and exemplary service. Dedicated golf cart and caddie services are offered to ensure a seamless and memorable golf journey. As a truly high-end facility, the carts contain state-of-the-art GPS for advanced levels of stroke intel.

Moreover, on-site PGA professionals provide lessons at The Thistle Golf Academy, designed for golfers at all skill levels. This undoubtedly enhances the golfing experience as golfers get to improve their game, understand course strategy, and get personal tips and drills from the experts.

Community Aspect

The Thistle Golf Course has an active community with various golfing events running throughout the year. The members-only Thistle Club holds tournaments and social events, encouraging camaraderie, sportsmanship, and competition among its members.

Here, the golfing spirit is combined with a sense of community, fostering a friendly and competitive atmosphere that keeps golfers coming back.


The Thistle Golf Course is not just another golf course; it’s a complete golfing retreat offering the perfect blend of beauty, challenge, luxury, and service. Beyond the nostalgic echoes of the ancient game and a sophisticated golf challenge, it offers a chance to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.

Whether you’re a Myrtle Beach native, a visitor to the Carolinas, or an enthusiast with an eye for detail and an appreciation for history, the Thistle Golf Course promises a truly exceptional experience from the first tee to the last green. This hidden gem is worth discovering for every loving golfer.

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