Wizard Golf Links

Golfing at the Mystically Charming Wizard Golf Links

In the heart of Myrtle Beach, nestled between sand dunes and maritime forests, you’ll find an enchanting golf experience waiting to be explored. The Wizard Golf Links is often heralded as one of the most distinctive golf courses in the surrounding area. Designed by the esteemed architect Dan Maples, this magnificent course offers golfers of all skill levels an unforgettable experience, complete with challenging layouts and breathtaking aesthetics.

Course Layout and Design

The Wizard Golf Links boasts a par-72, 18-hole course layout that extends over 6,721 yards. This unique design offers a beautiful blending of natural aesthetics and top-tier landscape architecture. The objective of the layout is to test the strategic abilities of golfers. It provides an array of challenges with its series of doglegs, multiple water hazards, and 48 bunkers strategically set around the course.

The fairways at the Wizard are predominantly flat, ensuring a gentler, more rhythmic gameplay for amateur golfers. However, the greens’ fast speed and undulations provide enough challenges to keep the experience exciting for seasoned golfers. Undoubtedly, it’s the course‚Äôs colorful, expanse tee boxes, sculpted fairways with tremendous mounding and rolling greens that set the Wizard Golf Links apart from others.

Practical Facilities

Beyond the vibrant, manicured greens, the Wizard Golf Links also offers top-notch amenities to complement your golfing experience. A full-service pro shop stocked with an array of equipment and golf gear caters for all golfers’ needs. There is an on-site bar and grill where you can catch your breath and grab a quick meal after a long day on the fairway.

One cannot forget the extensive practice area available for warming up or honing your shots. The practice area includes a grass-tee driving range, a putting green, and a chipping area, all maintained to the same high standards as the course itself.

A noteworthy feature is their professional staff who are always ready to assist, adding to an atmosphere of southern hospitality that resonates across the property.

Iconic Holes

Part of the charm of the Wizard Golf Links lies in its many memorable holes. Hole #4, the course’s first par five, stands out for its strategic layout that includes a series of carefully placed bunkers and an unforgiving water hazard around the green.

Meanwhile, the 16th hole, with its island-like green nestled in the midst of a vast water expanse, remains etched in every golfer’s memory. It’s an excellent test of precision and grit and can make or break your score.

Lastly, the 18th hole is a strong finishing hole that leaves a lasting impression. A classic risk/reward hole, its landing area is well protected by water and bunkers, whereas a well-positioned drive will present an opportunity to finish strong.

For decades, the Wizard Golf Links has been charming golfers with its unique blend of natural beauty and well-crafted design. Offering a delightful yet challenging experience on the course and top-notch facilities, it remains an iconic golfing destination in and around Myrtle Beach. Whether you’re an avid golfer looking for your next challenge or an amateur seeking a fun-filled day out on the green, the Wizard Golf Links definitely promises an enchanting experience.

10 thoughts on “Wizard Golf Links”

  1. Always loved the challenges the Wizard has to offer. That 16th hole with the island green, it always makes or breaks my score. Keeps you on your toes, that’s for sure!

  2. Jill_with_the_swing

    The preservation and incorporation of natural aesthetics in the design is what sets the Wizard apart. It’s not just about the game but the whole golfing experience. Absolutely adore it!

  3. This is on my bucket list for sure! I’m really attracted to the landscapes described in the blog. Can anyone tell me about the rates? Are there peak times where rates go up?

    1. Rates may depend on the season. Try checking the Wizard Golf Links website or give them a call. They’re very helpful with this kind of info.

  4. Impressive review. I’ve been playing at the Wizard for decades. Whoever said golf was a good walk spoiled never played here. Will be back there this fall, looking forward to the 18th hole!

    1. Have to say, the 18th hole is a game-changer, isn’t it? A good drive can dramatically turn the tables. See you on the green this fall!

  5. The Wizard Golf Links never disappoints – a Dodgy divot of delight. What makes it extra special is the staff, always ready to assist and make the experience more enjoyable. Also, the on-site bar and grill, that’s very key after an intense game.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! The staff truly makes the golfing experience magical. And nothing beats a cold drink and a hot meal after a day on the course.

  6. I played on the Wizard last year, and it’s as charming as you describe. One thing you didn’t mention is the wind – it can really add an extra edge to the game. Any tips on how to handle that, maybe using a particular club or altering your swing?

  7. Wow, the Wizard Golf Links sounds spectacular! Solid review, I can already see the ball slicing through the air on those described fairways. But reading about that 16th hole got me anxious, island-like green amidst vast water can surely make or break the game. Cheers to nerve-racking golf!

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