Barefoot Love

Barefoot Love: A Golfer’s Paradise In Myrtle Beach

Nestled within the vibrant city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Barefoot Love is more than just a playground for avid golfers; it’s a testament to the sheer brilliance of course architect Davis Love III, a professional golfer and PGA Championship winner. In this golfer’s paradise, every hole tells a story and every round brings an unforgettable experience.

Steeped in History and Modern Excellence

Barefoot Love isn’t just a name, it’s the philosophy that binds the love for the sport and an appreciation for flawless design. A product of impeccable design work of Love Golf Design, this golf course stands out as a must-visit destination for golfers across the country.

The course’s remarkable layout is a nod to Southern Carolina’s rich local history. It’s inspired by notable area courses like Pine Lakes International Country Club and incorporates traditional, plantation-style themes into its design.

But don’t be fooled by the historical touches. Barefoot Love successfully marries the classic with the contemporary, catering to both traditionalists and innovation-seekers.

Course Highlights

One of the standout aspects of the Barefoot Love is its diversity. With a par of 72, the course offers a medley of challenging and entertaining holes over its sprawling landscape. Its length from the championship tees is 7,047 yards, a satisfying distance for golfers looking for a substantial round.

While every hole of the Barefoot Love Course holds a slice of beauty and excitement, the 4th and 13th holes are true spectacles themselves.

The 4th hole, with its well-protected green surrounded by a sandy waste area, requires a careful strategy and thoughtful execution.

Hole 13, however, is the Barefoot Love’s star attraction – a replica of the historic hole at the aforementioned Pine Lakes. This par-3 hole has a distinctively raised green, an aspect that showcases Love’s creativity in constructing a course that respects its roots while delivering modern delights.

A Natural Delight and A Strategist’s Challenge

Barefoot Love stunningly unites the game of golf with the surrounding natural environment. It’s cradled by Intracoastal Waterway, lending the scenery a tranquil aquatic charm.

The course doesn’t shy away from incorporating a reminiscent tobacco farm barn adding to the course’s charm; it combines natural elements to create challenges that demand expert maneuvering.

One of the course’s defining physical features is its generous fairways. They are wide but expertly contoured, providing a level of comfort without diminishing the strategic challenge. Bunkers, both formal and waste, make regular appearances throughout the course, providing a risk-reward balance that keeps golfers on their toes.

A Golfing Community and Exceptional Amenities

To complement the remarkable playing experience, Barefoot Love boasts a bundle of amenities that cater to every golfer’s needs. The course is equipped with a practice range and a GPS system on all golf carts, enhancing your game pre and post tee-off.

The club values its golfing community, illustrated in the vibrant clubhouse that becomes a meeting place for golfers to share tales of their escapades on the greens. In true Southern style, the clubhouse combines comfort and elegance, offering a place to relax after a challenging round.

In conclusion, Barefoot Love is more than just a meeting of mind and metal; it’s a golfing journey waiting to be discovered. From its historical echoes to modern golfing adventures, it offers an exciting blend for all golf fanatics. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro, Barefoot Love has something unique to keep you hooked. Moreover, its stunning backdrop ensures that it’s not only a course to play, but also a sight to behold. If anything bears testament to Love’s creativity and expertise, it is without a doubt, the Barefoot Love golf course.

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