Welcome to Beachwood Golf Club: Myrtle Beach’s Hidden Gem

As a Golfmaster and proud Myrtle Beach native, allow me to take you on a guided tour of one of the most beloved golfing holes in Myrtle Beach – Beachwood Golf Club. This hidden gem is conveniently located directly on Highway 17, granting players easy access from virtually all regions of the Grand Strand. The course is a must-play location for any golfer seeking the ultimate Myrtle Beach golfing experience.

Historic Allure at Beachwood Golf Club

Embodying Myrtle Beach’s historic charm, Beachwood Golf Club has offered an enchanting golf experience since its inception in 1968. This classic Gene Hamm design has stood the test of time, with its traditional layout appealing to golfers of all skill levels. Its rich history is palpably felt as you step your golf shoes onto the well-groomed grounds and prepare to challenge the 18-hole, par 72 course.

Course Features and Playability

Each hole of the semi-private Beachwood course is meticulously sculpted to offer varying levels of difficulty, leveraging on the natural contours and landscape of the North Myrtle Beach region. Stretching a playable 6,691 yards from the longest tees, the fairways glide through clusters of hardwoods and sparkling lakes, culminating in manicured greens famed for their consistent speed.

The course allows players to use a full range of clubs and promotes creative strategies making each round truly unique. From the straight and narrow 9th hole – challenging you to keep the ball in play – to the strategic 18th hole, requiring your best shot over water to the final green, Beachwood Golf Club consistently tests golfers in terms of both skills and strategies.

Exceptional Services and Amenities

Beyond its exciting gameplay, Beachwood Golf Club also houses a fully equipped Pro Shop, staffed by knowledgeable golf professionals ready to assist with golf gear and offer valuable advice on gameplay. The club also has a training area complete with a practice green and a chipping and bunker area – perfect for players warming up before the big game or honing their golfing skills.

The on-site bar and grill evokes a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for post-round relaxation. While no golfer will want to miss the chance to grab a drink or two after a challenging round, the real star of the show is the clubhouse’s panoramic view of the course, making the 19th hole a hole-in-one in terms of relaxation.

Golf with Wildlife

Adding to the course’s magnetism, a round of golf at Beachwood offers the bonus of close encounters with Myrtle Beach’s native wildlife. Golfers can spot turtles, alligators, hawks, and other species in their natural habitat as they navigate the course – a unique and delightful spectacle that further enriches the golfing experience at Beachwood Golf Club.

Tournaments and Outings

Beachwood is well-known for hosting numerous tournaments and outings throughout the year. The club’s well-maintained course, coupled with its extensive amenities, makes it an ideal venue for such gatherings. The experienced staff is well-equipped to handle every detail to ensure a seamless event.

In summary, Beachwood Golf Club skillfully blends charm and challenge into every hole to deliver an unforgettable golfing experience. The course’s beautiful aesthetics and thoughtful designs, combined with great service, charm golfers of all skill levels into returning time and time again. Whether for a leisurely round, honing your skills, hosting an event, or merely taking in the scenery, Beachwood Golf Club is undeniably a cornerstone in Myrtle Beach’s vibrant golfing scene. Whether this is your first visit or you’re a seasoned player returning back for your yearly pilgrimage, Beachwood never disappoints.

7 thoughts on “Beachwood”

  1. Absolutely agree with your description of Beachwood Golf Club. The mix of challenge and beauty on every hole is something unique. I remember my first visit there, and how I was captivated by not only the course but the wildlife too! Definitely a must-play for any golf enthusiast visiting Myrtle Beach.

  2. Golfing_Guru_Paul

    Love the write-up! Beachwood is indeed a hidden gem. Question ā€“ Iā€™m an intermediate player myself. Would you recommend starting off from the longest tees for a first-time player at Beachwood or should I stick to closer tees?

    1. Hey, there’s no harm in trying the longest tees but it could provide a bit more challenge. Maybe play a round from the closer tees first to get a feel of the course? Either way, enjoy your game!

  3. My wife and I have a tradition of visiting Myrtle Beach every summer, and Beachwood is always on our itinerary! From the immaculate condition of the course to the friendly faces in the Pro Shop, it truly is a treat every year. Besides, any place where I can birdie and spot a turtle in the same round is a winner for me!

    1. Sounds like a delightful tradition! The sights of nature at Beachwood are indeed a joy. Here’s to many more birdies and turtle sightings.

  4. Chip_and_Charge_Chris

    I had the chance to play at Beachwood last year during a golf tourney ā€“ what a fantastic course! But I gotta say, that 18th hole ā€“ it got the best of me. I guess I need to work on my water shots. Looking forward to the rematch though! ?

    1. You’re right, that 18th hole is certainly a challenge. I find it’s all about the club selection and confidence. Give it your best swing next time, you’ll conquer it for sure! ?

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