Sea Trail Byrd

Sea Trail Byrd: A Golfing Gem in Myrtle Beach

One of the crown jewels of the South Carolina golf scene, Sea Trail Byrd, is a haven for golf enthusiasts worldwide. Nestled in the heart of the enchanting Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, Sea Trail Byrd golf course represents a quintessential combination of unblemished scenic beauty and challenging play that attracts golfers of various skill levels.


Designed by prominent golf architect Willard Byrd, this charming course is part of the sports-rich Sea Trail Golf Resort & Conference Center. Sea Trail Byrd is one of the three impressive 18-hole golf courses making up the resort, together with the Sea Trail Maples and Sea Trail Jones.

First opened to golfers in 1990, the Sea Trail Byrd is characterized by its well-maintained Bermuda rough and fairways, bent-grass greens, and towering Carolina pines that line the course, adding an enchanting splendor to the overall experience.

Course Design and Features

The strategic placement of fairways and greens makes the Sea Trail Byrd a challenging yet highly enjoyable experience for golfers. The extraordinary course design incorporates a well-blended variety of doglegs that are both left and right-oriented, offering golfers a compelling challenge.

While the appealing aesthetics of the Sea Trail Byrd are bound to dazzle, the course pushes the golfers’ abilities with its strategically placed water hazards and creative bunkering. An additional unique challenge that Sea Trail Byrd provides is the inclusion of several waste bunkers. These are strategically placed to test the ball-control skills and tactical finesse of the players.

Both beginners and experienced players find the course delightful, as it accommodates different playing styles by offering multiple sets of tee boxes. Taking into account the variety of holes, the element of water, and the intelligent placement of bunkers, it’s safe to say that the Sea Trail Byrd course is a true test of shot-making skill.

Amenities and Services

With a focus on delivering a complete golfing experience, Sea Trail Byrd boasts a range of efficient amenities that meet the needs of every golfer. Alongside the challenging course, golfers have access to a well-stocked pro shop filled with golfing essentials and merchandise.

The golf course also features an outstanding practice facility, enabling golfers to warm up and fine-tune their skills before hitting the course. The sizable putting green and a spacious driving range provide the perfect space for practice, allowing players to enhance every aspect of their game.

A game of golf at the Sea Trail Byrd isn’t complete without a visit to the clubhouse, home to a welcoming atmosphere that encourages relaxation at the end of a round. Golfers can also indulge in delicious dining options available at the on-site Magnolia’s Lounge, where unique dishes are served daily, offering a blend of traditional Southern and contemporary cuisines.

Event Hosting

In addition to being a regular golfing arena, the Sea Trail Byrd also serves as an ideal venue for hosting golf tournaments and events. With a wealth of experience in planning and coordination, the staff at the resort goes above and beyond to ensure that every event is organized meticulously, down to the most minor detail.

Conclusion: An Experience Not to be Missed

To wrap it up, the Sea Trail Byrd golf course is an experience that cannot be missed. Be it a casual golf trip with friends or a competitive tournament, the resort delivers an unforgettable golfing experience that resonates with the charm of Myrtle Beach. The impressive layout, scenic surroundings, top-notch amenities, and warm southern hospitality make this golf course a must-visit. As you plan your next golf vacation, consider Sea Trail Byrd for a memorable golfing adventure.

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  1. I visited the Sea Trail Golf Resort last summer but only got a chance to play on Sea Trail Jones. After reading this post, I’m filled with regret for not trying the Byrd course. Guess that leaves me no choice but to plan another trip there! Anyone know if they offer package deals for playing on all three courses?

  2. Great read! Having played the Sea Trail Byrd myself, I can confirm that it’s a fantastic course. Those doglegs can really sneak up on you, but it’s always a fun challenge. Has anyone else here taken a shot at the Sea Trail Byrd? Would love to hear your experiences and tips!

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