Litchfield Country Club

Unraveling the Beauty of Litchfield Country Club

Nestled among the low country’s live oaks, draped in Spanish moss, and set upon the shimmering shores of the Carolina coast lies a true golfing marvel – Litchfield Country Club. As one of Myrtle Beach’s very first golf destinations, Litchfield continues to charm both locals and tourists alike with a fantastic blend of natural splendor and golfing challenge since its inauguration in 1966.

A Historical Sanctuary

Unlike many modern golf courses, Litchfield Country Club isn’t an artificial landscape carved from the wilderness. It respects and celebrates its setting. A round of golf here doesn’t just mean 18 holes; it represents a journey through a chapter of South Carolina’s rich history. Over the decades, Litchfield has morphed into more than just a golf course. It is a sanctuary of old-style architecture, southern charm, and preserved natural beauty.

Incorporated on the site of one of the largest rice plantations of the antebellum South, the club marries historical ambiances with modern golfing adventure. The traditional clubhouse, which was modeled after the plantation’s original 18th-century estate, the Litchfield Plantation House, echoes the allure of an era past and adds a unique flavor to your golfing experience.

A Golfing Gem Designed by Willard Byrd

Designed by the legendary golf course architect, Willard Byrd, Litchfield Country Club’s layout is a testament to his genius. Known for creating challenging yet fair golf layouts, Byrd’s awe-inspiring design is a perfect fusion of natural beauty and strategic playability, capitalizing on the naturally gifted terrain and the region’s verdant beauty.

This 6,692-yard par 72 course is not just about distance but also about precision and strategy. The fairways, shaped by age-old oak trees and light roughs, demand thoughtful shot placements. Water hazards and bunker-protected greens add to the challenges, making it an exciting test of skills for golfers of all levels.

The course itself is a blend of doglegs, and tight and narrow approaches, requiring a golfer to have both power and the ability to work the ball both ways. The greens are moderate in size and well protected, leaving little room for off-centered hits. Despite the challenges, with multiple tee boxes, the course remains highly playable for the high handicapper, while still proving challenging to the experienced golfer.

Endless Tees, High Greens and Pristine Fairways

What captures the heart of every golfer is the diversity at Litchfield. Each hole is distinct, providing an ever-evolving challenge. Notable holes like the 420-yard, par-4 16th, present golfers with strategic choices to make – to lay up or challenge the water hazard for a shorter approach. The par-3, 157-yard No. 8 hole, surrounded by water and sand, is a testament to visual intimidation but beautiful in its design. Variety indeed is the spice of Litchfield Country Club!

Moreover, the course is known for its impeccably maintained bermuda-grass greens and fairways, which remain in top-class condition throughout the year.

The Complete Golf Experience

Litchfield offers a broad spectrum of amenities to complement your round of golf. The pro shop is fully stocked with golfing necessities and fresh merchandise, while the clubhouse restaurant provides a fantastic venue to chill and unwind after a session. Offering a variety of delicious southern dishes and drinks, the patio overlooks the 18th green and offers a magnificent view you can enjoy as you recap your memorable shots of the day.

The practice facilities are certainly praiseworthy – well-manicured greens, a driving range, and a practice bunker. Whether you want to warm up before a round or work on improving your skills, these facilities will cater well to your needs.

A Destination That Embodies Southern Charm

In a renowned golfing destination like Myrtle Beach, Litchfield Country Club holds its own by offering a slice of the past meshed with a sublime golfing journey. Every visit to this course brings with it the allure of the old south, providing not just a golfing retreat, but a complete journey into a uniquely southern experience.

In short, Litchfield Country Club’s enchanting historical ambiance, combined with its compelling golf course design and top-notch amenities, offers an unforgettable golfing experience. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a casual golfer, Litchfield Country Club is indeed a golfer’s delight at any skill level.

So when considering your next Myrtle Beach golfing vacation, Litchfield Country Club is a timeless destination that invites you to take a step back from the bustle of modern golfing resorts and indulge in a simpler, more relaxing golf experience.

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  1. Great write-up! Brings back memories of my trip to Litchfield a year back. The charm and serenity that Litchfield possesses is rightly captured in your article. The course layout is indeed a testament to Willard Byrd’s genius. Question though, how does the club maintain such pristine conditions throughout the year?

  2. My wife and I got a chance to play at Litchfield last fall and I must say, it was an experience of a lifetime. The ambiance, the architecture, the whole history… felt like a trip back in time! The fairways were challenging and forced me to think strategically, in a good way. Picturing the 16th hole as I write this and I can’t help but chuckle at my failed brave attempt to challenge the water hazard. Here’s to more golfing adventures!

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