Sea Trail Jones

Sea Trail Jones – A Haven Of Golf In Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach has always been a center of attraction for golf enthusiasts, alluring travelers from around the globe with its pristine golf courses. Among its illustrious golfing venues, the standout has to be the Sea Trail Jones. This course serves as the perfect embodiment of everything Myrtle Beach golfing has to offer – lush greens, captivating views, challenging gameplay, and an overall immersive golfing experience.

Named after its legendary designer Rees Jones, the Sea Trail Jones golf course has etched its place in the hearts and swings of both amateur and professional golfers. Covering a sprawling area, the course is neatly tucked amid the natural splendor of Myrtle Beach, offering golfers not just a gameplay experience, but a visual treat.

Course Design and Layout

Rees Jones is well known for his innovative designs and challenging courses, and the Sea Trail Jones definitely fits into that description. Known as the ‘Open Doctor’, Rees’ touch is evident in the tactically placed bunkers, ample water hazards, and mounded fairways.

The course spreads across an excellent 6,761-yard layout, presenting a par 72 challenge. It sits within a lush landscape, adorned with gorgeous oaks, delicate pines, and colorful dogwoods. Overwhelming these natural features are strategically placed water bodies and sand traps which play a significant role in the course.

What’s more, the tactful mounding and bunkering of the layout allow even the less experienced players to enjoy while still challenging the low-handicap golfers to a satisfying round of golf. In addition, diverse hole layouts offer a variety and necessitate a careful selection of clubs for each shot.

The greens on Sea Trail Jones are bent grass, and vets rave about their well-guarded nature and the undulating challenge they present. Coupled with the Bermuda grass fairways, the greens offer a perfect mix of challenge and charm to golfers.

Notable Holes

Every hole on Sea Trail Jones is unique and offers individual challenges, but a few stand out as pillars of Rees Jones’ design. The par-5, 9th hole, for example, is a strategy lover’s dream. With water coming into play, golfers need to choose their shots wisely to achieve birdie.

On the other hand, the par-4 18th hole provides a stunning sight with a serene pond in the course. It’s an aesthetic end to a thrilling round of golf. Successfully navigating the hole requires both skill and strategy, as the water hazard and bunkers offer quite a challenge.

Facilities and Services

The club doesn’t just provide a remarkable golf course; it also offers top-tier facilities to ensure golfers have a memorable visit. From a fully stocked pro-shop to practice facilities like a brilliant putting green and a driving range, golfers can fully immerse themselves in the sport.

In addition to this, Sea Trail Jones also provides professional in-house instructors for individuals wanting to learn the sport or simply improve their golf skills.

To conclude the day, golfers can head to the clubhouse, which features a grill room and patio. Here, players can enjoy a sumptuous meal or a refreshing beverage after a gratifying day on the green.

Final Thoughts

The Sea Trail Jones is a true gem in Myrtle Beach’s golfing collection, holding its own with a blend of natural beauty and tournament-grade course layout. It provides the right mix of enjoyment and challenge to golfers of all experience levels. With its top-grade facilities and the intrinsic charm of Myrtle Beach, Sea Trail Jones should be on the top of the list for any golfer planning their next adventure.

2 thoughts on “Sea Trail Jones”

  1. My buddy once lost a dozen balls on the 9th hole. Water is a cruel mistress. Is it a must to try to cross it in 2 shots? Is there a safer way to play that hole, or is it designed to make us golfers cry a bit? Otherwise, I love the course. Can’t wait to get back out there again!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with this blog post. The Sea Trail Jones in Myrtle Beach truly has it all – natural beauty, strategic design, and top-tier facilities. As an avid golfer, I can personally attest to the thrill of navigating around the tactically placed bunkers and water hazards. Rees Jones has outdone himself once again with this golf course. Also, the grill room in the clubhouse serves some surprisingly stellar steak sandwiches. Worth a visit after a hard day’s play!

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